Dear Chevra team,

As Mitzvah Day (‘doing good deeds to meet community needs’) approaches (19th November) we thought it a timely opportunity to clean up the older sections at Karrakatta Cemetery.

In keeping with the act of the Chevra people ‘Chesed Shel Emet’ the beneficiaries shall not know who the benefactors are, rather we go about this business in our usual quiet way.

We ask that you please register your commitment via email:  or

Please bring: a shovel, garden rake, black bin bags, brush and pan, hat, water bottle, sun cream and any friends.

We will meet at the Ohel at 9am and are looking to complete our work by 12pm.

We hope you can make it as many hands joining together will lighten the load. 


Warm regards



Perth Chevra Kadisha Inc.


Annual General Meeting Tuesday 31st October 2017

At The Jewish Centre, 61 Woodrow Ave Yokine WA 6060

1.    Opening and welcome

2.    Attendance as per register

3.    Apologies

4.    Minutes last AGM and any business arising. 

5.    President’s report. 

6.    Treasurer’s report. 

7.    Special Resolution to amend Rules of Association

8.    Election of Office bearers

9.    Appointment of Honorary Auditor

10.  General business

11.  Close

The following special resolution will be presented at the AGM of the Perth Chevra Kadisha Incorporated on 31st October 2017, to be held at The Jewish Centre, 61 Woodrow Ave Yokine WA 6060 at 7.30pm


That article 9.5 of the Perth Chevra Kadisha Incorporated Rules of Association be removed in its entirety.

9.5 of the Rules of Association reads as follows

·        No President shall serve for more than five consecutive years.

Emma Benjamin

Secretary Perth Chevra Kadisha Inc.

Notice of nominations for election to the Perth Chevra Kadisha Inc Management Committee 31st October 2017

Position              Name                            Proposed/seconded


Vice President    Mike GOMER               E Benjamin/M Meyer           

Treasurer            Gary SILBERSTEIN    M Gomer/L Tucker

Secretary            Emma BENJAMIN       D Zulberg/M Gomer


Bram BEINART           M Meyer/ M Gomer

Neil KAGAN                 M Gomer/G Silberstein

Alzeena MacDONALD  M Meyer/G Silberstein

Mark MAJZNER           E Benjamin/M Meyer

Laurence TUCKER     G Silberstein/M Gomer

Trevor WAINSTEIN     E Benjamin/M Gomer


The Perth Chevra Kadisha wishes to bring to the attention of the community that grants on gravesites that were issued prior to 1 July, 1987 are due to expire on 2 July, 2012.
Under the 1897 Cemeteries Act, Cemetery authorities were able to issue Grants with a tenure period of 25, 50 or 99 years, with little consistency either throughout the State or within individual cemeteries.
In 1986 the Cemeteries Act was revised, which resulted in a new stipulated tenure of Grants of 25 years with an automatic option for Grant holders to purchase an additional 25 years either initially or at any time during the first 25 years. The discretion of all cemetery authorities in Western Australia to issue 50 or 99 year Grants was revoked.
Under the 1986 Act, the maximum guaranteed tenure on any given plot is 50 years, although this is able to be extended for further 25 year periods at the discretion of the managing cemetery authority. Extensions can only be in 25 year increments.
To set a uniform expiry date for all Grants issued under the 1897 Act and provide Cemetery authorities with the ability to both manage their land holdings and have a known consistency of Grant expiry dates across their cemeteries, Parliament endorsed legislation stipulating that Grants of Rights of Burial issued prior to 1 July, 1987 that had not expired by 2 July, 2012 would, collectively, expire on 2 July, 2012.
Only grants issued prior to 1 July, 1987 are affected.
In the Jewish section of Karrakatta Cemetery, approximately 45 grants are due to expire on 2 July, 2012.
If you do not come in to the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board office prior to 2 July, 2012 to renew a grant, there is no need to be concerned. No action will be taken on any of these expired grants in the immediate future.
If you own or are unsure if you own a grant without any interments, please review your personal paperwork to see if you or your family have a pre-purchased grant. If you have a grant that may expire on 2 July 2012, please contact the staff at the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board, who will be happy to assist in explaining your options. You may wish to renew the grant prior to expiry (for a further 25 years) or, if you contact the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board after 2 July, 2012, you may wish to take out a new grant (which will be for 25 years, plus you will then have an option for an additional 25 years).
If you are unsure as to whether you or your family has a grant, please just contact the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board on 1300 793 109 or come into any of their offices and they will be happy to provide you with advice relating to your personal circumstances. Alternatively, e-mail enquiries can be directed to
Where there has been an interment, one can obtain a summary of record information, including the name of the person interred, his/her age at and date of death, the suburb in which he/she last lived and details of the grave and grant by visiting the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board website:
2. At the bottom of the page under “Quick Links” click on “Search by Name”. This takes you to the search page.
3. Under “Search” click on "Click here to start your search".
4. Enter the last name of the person you are searching for and click "Submit". This will bring up a list of names.
5. Click on the last name of that person and it will take you to the publically available information of that person.
------------------------------------------------Grant Expirations – Metropolitan Cemeteries Board clarifications:
The initial announcements made regarding the 2 July Grant Expirations have resulted in some public concern and confusion.
In simplifying the situation, the Cemeteries Board has highlighted some key facts:
• Only plots that were purchased prior to 1987 are affected by the grant expirations expired on 2 July 2012. Plots purchased after 1987 are not affected.
• A number of plots at Karrakatta and other Perth cemeteries are affected, however the vast majority of these have already served a significant proportion of their tenure. As stipulated within the Cemeteries Act 1986, those purchased before 1987 all expired collectively on 2 July 2012.
• Tens of thousands of plots, including those where burials have already taken place, expire each year of their own accord. A grant is only necessary if the plot is required for a future burial.
• There is no deadline to secure additional tenure. This can be done at any stage. The option to renew will, in all likelihood, remain open to you, so there is no need for concern.
• Contacting families regarding the 2012 expirations has been particularly difficult as the contact details within the databases are over 25 years old. The Board apologises for any distress caused to surviving family members by correspondence being addressed to those who are deceased.
• Funeral Directors are a key communication link between the cemeteries and the community, and have been kept abreast of the change.
If you think you are affected by the 2012 expirations you can visit the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board home page 
Due to the high volume of calls we would recommend that you email the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board at